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Kelsey has always been a creative. Growing up, she learned how to sew from her mother and was always making and designing clothing from her imagination. Her favorite inspiration as a child came from any and every Disney princess movie, classical art and later in life, Italian culture. She spent her twenties designing clothing and deep diving into the world of textile engineering. After finishing graduate school, she entered into the corporate work force where her opportunities to channel her creative passions grew slimmer as she progressed in her professional career. 


Searching for a creative outlet, painting quickly became a way for her to find peace after her 9-5 day job. For the first few years, she used her skills as a way to help decorate her and her family's homes; filling them with personalized warmth and beauty. Today, Kelsey still uses her medium as a way to escape the regularities of everyday life and to create individualized beauty for her clients. 

Kelsey was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama and is based in Atlanta, Georgia. She attended Auburn University for her undergraduate degree and North Carolina State University for her Masters in Textile Technology. She currently works as a material developer. 

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